Due to the expansion of our business over the last few years we decided it was time to move to a fully Hosted VOIP telecom service.

We asked Gold Telecom Ltd to come up with a solution that would take care of the needs of our two main retail stores, our warehouses as well as all of our home and office based Customer Care and Sales teams that are part of our recently expanded Online Business.

Once they got started working on this, we were very impressed with the excellent suggestions they made as to how to integrate all of these different important aspects of our business and they then put them into practice by building a beautifully designed Hosted VOIP service that combined the use of IP handsets as well as Softphone Apps that we use on our Laptops and PCs along with Mobiles Apps.

Gold Telecom took care of all of our connectivity needs via a mix of installing a Leased Line with a capability of delivering speeds of up to 1Gb as well as high speed Fibre To The Cabinet broadbands at some of our other sites.

They also seamlessly ported all of our numbers from our various sites over to the Hosted service and everything is working so well that it has allowed us to get on with our job of providing great service to our existing customers as well as to our ever growing band of new customers.

The fact that much of this work was carried out during the pandemic made their performance all the more impressive and we are very pleased that we chose to use Gold Telecom to carry out this important upgrade which has taken care of all of our telecom needs.

 Ian W – Director – Specialist Sports Goods Retailer via Stores and Online – London and Midlands


We switched from our ISDN via an onsite PBX service to the Gold Telecom Hosted VOIP service a few years ago for our Head Office near Heathrow and for each of our eight branches which are spread all over from Bristol in the West to Glasgow in the North.

As an International Courier company, it is essential that we have great communications in place for our customers to contact us through and also for us to use to manage everything between our head office and the branches.

The Hosted VOIP Telephony service that Gold Telecom installed and manage for us provides all of the features and flexibility that we need to look after the needs of all of our customers in an industry where getting things done on time is crucial.

We are always impressed by their excellent customer service and proactive approach in suggesting and implementing the best solutions for our ongoing needs within a timeframe and price that works very well for us

 Zeeshan – IT Manager – International Courier Company – Heathrow Area – London


 We have been using Gold Telecom for our telecoms needs since 2006.

Over that time, they have provided their excellent service to our branches across the UK and to our Head Office.

In recent times they moved us over from our ISDN30 service to their SIP service and this included them porting all our numbers over from our two separate ISDN30 circuits including all of our Direct Dial numbers.

The whole move was done very efficiently and they kept on top of everything working alongside our own in-house IT team to ensure that any disruption was very minimal. 

We have always had excellent support from Gold Telecom regardless if it is for a branch moving from one location to another or the time when our Head Office move was completed with virtually no down time being experienced on their telecoms service.

Having them on side has always made it easier for us to get on with our own business and as an award-winning International Freight Forwarder, this has always been appreciated from our whole team.

 Garry P – Enterprise Applications Administrator – Global Freight Forwarding and Logistics Provider – Middlesex


"We started using Gold Telecom Ltd for some of our cloud based telecoms services back in 2020 based on a recommendation from another organisation that we deal with who had been using their services for many years.

Although we were and still are tied to another provider for some of our telecoms related services, we have found that even when it comes to sorting issues, we have had with some of these services (we are still in contract unfortunately), whenever we can't get that provider to sort things quickly, Gold Telecom getting involved usually provides a great outcome.

I have always found the team at Gold to provide excellent customer service - swift to respond, proactive in communication, professional and knowledgeable.

We look forward to moving more of our services to them when they come out of contract and I would be happy to recommend them to any of our related organisations on that basis."

 Kathryn – Business Development and Marketing Manager – Charity based in Ealing


"As the crossover between IT and Telecoms becomes closer all the time, I started introducing Gold Telecom to many of my customers so that we could between us deliver all of their IT and Telecoms needs as a one stop shop.

We have worked closely with Gold Telecom on sorting the needs of many different customers, some of whom have required some very bespoke solutions.

One of the best things about working with Gold Telecom is that they are willing to take on certain jobs that might require more planning than simply installing lines into an existing office and at every point throughout the process they always keep on top of the project and keep me and my customers updated on all progress.

This attention to detail makes a huge difference in most cases and allows us all to get on with our jobs and to plan accordingly.

From simple or complex line or broadband installations to moving a whole company to a fully Hosted VOIP solution with full number porting, they take it in their stride and ensure a smooth delivery.

I look forward to introducing more customers to them in the future who will also benefit from their very professional service."

 Jay – IT Consultant – Essex


"Gold Telecom have been involved in supplying most of our telecoms services for many years for our Head  Office, our other sites across Surrey as well as our sister charities and all of our shops.  Their excellent billing layout saves us a huge amount of time on our admin and their  competitive rates have helped us to reduce our costs which is always very welcome. 

We have always found them to be very helpful in every way and they are always happy to go out of their way to sort out any issues we have had from time to time.  

In some cases they have helped out with issues that were not part of their direct remit but where their particular expertise meant that they could advise and this has often saved us both time and money. 

They have also introduced us to a company that they deal closely with that has helped us with maintaining and upgrading our various phone systems and this has also been a great benefit to our organisation. 

I would be happy to recommend them to any potential customers." 

 Craig – Charity Surrey


"We have been using Gold Telecom for a number of years for our telecoms provision and find the service to be very reliable and of very good quality.

Whenever we need to make changes of any sort, they normally implement these very quickly and professionally and are also very helpful in explaining the options available.

Their billing is very customer friendly with all lines clearly identified and all calls fully itemised.

All in all a service that we are very happy with."

Susi – Dental Care Centre – Edinburgh


"We have been dealing with Gold Telecom for many years and we have always been impressed with their input in meeting our requirements.

Their customer service is always very professional, prompt and efficient and this has been a great help in the efficient running of the school. I have been particularly impressed with the speed at which they have remedied any external faults to the incoming BT telephone lines.

They offer very good value and their very customer friendly billing and fully itemised charges makes our administration less time consuming.

We are very happy to recommend them and wish them well going forward."

David – School – Guildford


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