Why hosted is the best option for a SME

Hosted telephony systems are one of the latest technologies to hit the telecoms market. This type of technology allows small and medium sized businesses to have an advanced telephone system without investing in expensive telephone equipment. The system sits in the cloud and is managed and controlled by your VoIP provider allowing the cost of PBX maintenance and system upgrades to be eliminated.

Provided you have a dedicated broadband line used only for voice calls or fibre optic broadband, you will be able to take full advantage of a hosted service. Going hosted means that all your calls will be VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which is far cheaper than making calls over standard BT phone lines. In fact going down the hosted route could save you up to 50% per month as the cost of calls is dramatically reduced and you will no longer be paying for multiple line rentals.

Hosted systems also come with an abundance of features and are extremely flexible. They can provide a whole range of call management features; such as hold music, call forwarding, conference calls, queues, auto-attendants etc whilst also allowing you to integrate many different devices on to the system such as mobile phones. This technology also allows people working from home the ability to have access to the system and take advantage of all of the features your hosted PBX offers.

Gold Telecom can provide small and medium sized businesses with an optimal hosted solution which will cater to the specific needs of your business whilst also maintaining the system and providing your business with quality calls at extremely competitive prices.

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